poniedziałek, 30 czerwca 2014

How to Get Started Trading Foreign Currencies

Surprisingly, many people have no idea what the forex market is let alone how to get started. I hope that this page will be able to clarify some of these concerns.
In the United States, stocks are the major trading and investing avenue that so many are familiar with whether they have traded personally or not. When we buy a stock in a company, we do so with the expectation and hope that the value will rise and we can sell at a profit in the future.
When Microsoft released their stock to the publlc or their IPO in 1986, the public was free to buy their stock at $21 dollars a share. Microsoft's stock immediately sky rocketed and many people are now living a very wealthy lifestyle due to their investment in Microsoft stock. Currently, Microsoft is about $29 a share.
We hear all the time on the news how the stocks had another record day fallling or gaining a number of points. Now daily investors are pulling their money from the stock market due to continuous falling values in their stocks. There are some who can't even do that because there are no buyers.
The Foreign Currency Market is a more dynamic market that provides opportunities to make money if the market is going up or down. There is about 2 trillion dollars traded daily in the forex market. There is always a buyer and always a seller. When the value of a given currency changes fractionally you can buy or sell that currency against another currency for a profit.

Practice Accounts

One benefit the forex traders always have is the option to use practice accounts. Practice accounts are the exact same thing as a real brokerage account only you are trading with monopoly money. Traders can learn how the market works, test strategies, learn indicators, and explore the patterns of various currencies without putting any of your own money at risk. Most brokerages offer practice accounts so you can even learn your platform too and avoid making crucial mistakes.